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We're please to present a few photos of Nova Nail Spa for a visual representaion of the service and experience we offer. Click on any photo for a larger view:

Nova Nail Spa
Our waiting area Nova Nail Spa Nova Nail Spa Nova Nail Spa
  Nova Nail Spa Nova Nail Spa  


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San Francisco’s First “Green Designed” Nail Spa

Nova’s Sustainable Features include:

    • Recycled Metal Wall Framing
    • Non-Toxic Recycled Denim Insulation
    • Natural Lime Plaster
    • Rapidly Renewable Bamboo Tambour Paneling
    • Rapidly Renewable Bamboo Flooring
    • Natural Linoleum Flooring
    • Natural Riverstone & Slate Floor Tile
    • FSC Certified Wood & Formaldehyde-Free Cabinetry
    • Recycled Paper Countertop Surfaces
    • Recycled Glass Wall Tiles
    • Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures
    • Fluorescent and Dimmable Light Fixtures
    • High Efficiency Exhaust Fans to maintain good indoor air quality
    • Energy Star Appliances
    • Low VOC Paint, Water-Based Finishes and Adhesives
    • Natural Fiber Fabrics
    • Low VOC Seat Cushions
    • Natural and Organic Healthcare Products
Nova Nail Spa
811 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Nova Nail Spa
Phone 415.896.NOVA
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