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Nova Organic Paradise
Manicure $27 Pedicure $45 Combo $62

Receive all the pampering of our traditional treatment with an indulgent addition. Soak you hands and feet into a bath of organic geranium essential oil and fresh lemon while we exfoliate with an organic sugar scrub and finish off with an organic cream..
Coconut Lime Spa PedicureCranberry $25 Pedicure $45 Combo $60
The Cranberry pedicure Inspires Relaxation while hydrating and soothing your skin. Splash around in a frothy warm mineral followed by an exfoloating scrub. Finally, Indulge is the rich cranberry shea butter, cranberry seed oil, Vitamins A, C, D and E for softer silkier, smoother skin provides antibacterial properties to the treatment.
Green Tea PedicureManicure $25 Pedicure $45 Combo $60
This is our ultimate purely indulgent, healing, and truly luxurious. Your feet and legs are also treated to the healing and soothing qualities of green tea scrub designed to gently remove Keiatinized dead skin cells and callouses.
Manicure $27 & Pedicure $50 Combo $68
Submerge your soles in our hot milk, aromatherapy oil and luscious rose petal bath. After your heels arebuffed, scrubbed, clipped and trimmed, conditions your cuticles and exfoliate those heals with sugar and walnut scrub. Top it all off with a soothing application of our moisturizing milk and honey. Finished with a luxurious reflexology and a fresh coat of polish. Great for those dry and cracked heels.
Manicure $30 Pedicure $49 Combo $60
Sit back and relax your soul while bathing your feet in our fresh orange and rose petal bath. After a nice soak, we exfoliate dry, rough skin with a nice
yummy “Mandarin-Honey Scrub”. Your lower legs and feet are massaged,
followed with a beauty polish. You haven’t had a real pedicure until you’ve experienced our Signature!
Manicure $25 Pedicure $43 Combo $58
Everybody loves this very special treat. It’s wonderful for dry skin and cuticles. The experience is so soothing and comforting. We begin with our soothing foot bath and butter scrub, then our detailed foot massage is the best part. We then wrap your feet in warm steam towels.
Manicure $25 Pedicure $43 Combo $58
Soak those tired and achy feet in our flesh lemon, lime and aromatherapy bath. Let us file and buff your heels into shape, then we begin with a shea butter salt scrub blended with essential oils of lime and ginger to gently buff away dry, lifeless skin. It’s absolute perfection.
Manicure $28 Pedicure $50 Combo $73
A decadent treatment for your tootsies! Splash around in a rose petal, cocoa milk foot bath. Then we exfoliate with our chocolate and mint leaf butter scrub that will leave your skin scrumptiously smooth. We complete this experience with an application of chocolate and mint leaf body butter with 10 minutes foot massage. This treat leaves your feet silky and moisturized.
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